In a Nutshell

by András Böröcz
Edition of 15 / Dobbin Books, NY: 2020
Drypoint, painting & hand stamping on Masa paper / walnut shell & walnut wood base
3” x 1.25” x 1.25”

András Böröcz, an artist born in 1956, reflects on the ironies of Hungarian cultural-political reality in his sculptures, prints & performance art.

Continuing Borocz’s absurdist exploration of walnut shells, In a Nutshell branches off into proto-Russian Constructivist imagery of the nut-cracking hammer (minus sickle).

Borocz told Silverberg that he remembers when TV arrived in Hungary in the end of the fifties. His favorite cartoon logo of a Soviet educational children program inspired this new series about walnuts. In the cartoon’s logo, a  young pioneer arrives on a spaceship next to a giant walnut and breaks it with a sledge hammer.

This tiny printed paper-scroll is rolled up inside a walnut shell & must pull it out of the shell in order to ‘read' it.  The absurdist imagery is based on Russian Constructivist style, presenting a nutcracker story. It is typical of Böröcz’s humor & style, where he focuses on material objects and transforms them into social commentary, both in his drawings, sculptures & performance art.


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