Living with Tassels & Trim

by Robbin Ami Silverberg
Unique series of 6 / Dobbin Books, 2019/20
Embroidery on cloth, tassels, trim, hanger, & book elements on clothing

I stumbled upon plastic bags filled with samples of textiles, tassels & trim when we were cleaning out my mother’s closets after she died. The remnants found in those bags were pieces of her story: dreams of creating a space and place, a home that defined beauty, projected refinement, and what she would have clarified as happiness.

The result is a cloth book with richly embroidered text & patterns, and sewn onto a wooden clothing hanger. Each copy has a unique case, made from clothing, which now become the protection of these words, instead of the human form.  The viewer must ‘undress’ the book in order to read it.

Please contact for purchasing or further information. 

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