Proverbial Threads

by Robbin Ami Silverberg 
Series of 100+ unique book objects / Dobbin Books, 2007/09
Printing on Dobbin Mill papers, wood & metal bobbins

Proverbial Threads are part of a larger open series of book objects that utilizes text, with proverbs from cultures around the world that describe women’s work. 

These proverbs are misogynistic, regardless of their culture of origin. The industrial bobbins are wrapped with strips of paper, which are sometimes cut & spun to appear to be a thread. Threads are emblematic of rote repetition, a concept that applies to the passing down of outmoded proverbs as well as notions of “women’s work.”  I chose to use vintage bobbins as in the 19th century, young women were often the garment workers in this US industry.

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Small $200

Large $250

Paper Thread $300

Text-iles $250

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